• Lynda Owen

Mud Mud Everywhere !

Oh my word I thought we had enough rain throughout December to see us through the next 12 months.. I was wrong.

Today I had to cancel a young couple's Alpaca Experience purely because of the treacherous under foot conditions caused by the last 2 days rain. I was rather upset that I had to cancel their trek, because by the time 12.00pm came around today, the sun had broken through and it looked a beautiful day. I had to explain that the weather wasn't the issue. It was the devastation left behind on our paths caused by the weather. However, safety must come first. The animals are my priority and their health and wellbeing must come first. Luckily the young couple understood my concerns and came up anyway to met the boys in their barn. They also stayed for lunch in the Falcon Inn.

Yesterday we had gorgeous fluffy white Alpacas and today we have soaking wet, stinky, muddy and fed up Alpacas. They were rather pleased to be pulled into the barns out of the rain this morning.

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